Lighthouses of Scotland

Hoy Low (Graemsay)

The Hoy Low lighthouse is the front light for a pair of leading lights that guide vessels into the Hoy Sound. (Note that both these lights are called Hoy, but they are located on the island of Graemsay.) The Hoy high lighthouse is situated some 2 km to the east of the Hoy Low light. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Close-up of the short stone-built tower. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

The approach to the lighthouse is along a rough track. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Nearing the lighthouse. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

The light is often passed by ferry traffic. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

The old keepers accommodation is a private dwelling. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Entrance to the lighthouse. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Ground floor with ladder to the service room. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Ladder from the service room to the lantern room. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

View down the ladder from the service room. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Exit to the balcony. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

There is no optic in the lantern room - just a pair of high intensity LED lamps. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

The primary and secondary lamps are mounted vertically so that if the primary light fails, the secondary light cuts in automatically with no interruption to the light signal. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Close-up of the main optic lamp. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]