Lighthouses of Scotland

Hoy High (Graemsay)

Approaching the landing pier by ferry. Hoy High is the rear light of a pair of leading lights, the other being Hoy Low, situated at a distance of over 2 km to the west. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Arriving at the lighthouse by road. The lighthouse buildings have been inhabited since the days when the lighthouse keepers left them. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Close-up of the lantern and top of the tower. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

The central tube in the service room has an unusual coating. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

In the service room looking up at the base of the optic. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

Inside the lantern room you find a large "beehive" optic that does not rotate and has red and white sectors. The primary and secondary light sources are two tiny bulbs, mounted on the plinth in the top centre of the photo [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

There are no circular "bulls eye" lenses in a beehive optic because it does not rotate. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

A wide view of the optic and view from the lantern room. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

View from the balcony. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

View from the balcony towards Stromness. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

View from the balcony towards Hoy low. The mountains of Hoy are in the distance. [Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]

[Photo: Ken Trethewey (2016)]